Want to display live Facebook Group posts on your website / blog?


A clever SEO solution that displays man-made real time genuine content on your site or blog

Embed Facebook Groups in you site

In just 3 lines of code that you include in your website will do that miracle: you can get up and running in just 5 minutes. Think about us like the Google Maps plugin, just for deploying Facebook Groups on your site

Groups Plugin Features:

Immediate Setup

It takes 5 minutes to setup Group Plugin on any website or blog

Free Features

Basic content feed of social media groups is 100% free of charge

Cloud based SaaS

Group Plugin is 100% cloud based SaaS, all your storage is free

Pro Features

Clever solutions like Unique content harvesting & genuine SEO


  • As a website owner, you can embed any Facebook Group activity on your site or blog

    Embed Facebook Groups content on your site or blog, it works on all public groups!

    Website Owner: embed any Facebook Group on your blog/website

  • Mobile Riddle Artists get featured on our website, with a personal page and artists of works

    Facebook Groups provide you with man-made, genuine, active, top SEO content!

    SEO Seeker: automatically display genuine live man-made content

  • Mobile Riddle Artists get featured on our website, with a personal page and artists of works

    Extract content from groups you administer, or groups of other admins. Superb!

    Group Administrator: scrape and backup your Facebook group content


1. What is the most common use of Group Plugin?

Group Plugin is awesome for presenting Facebook Groups content on your website or blog. You choose which group to present out of millions of Facebook groups, and the content would flow to your site automatically.

2. Can I use the Group Plugin on my blog?

Certainly. If your blog's CMS (content management system) can accept Javascript code then just add the Group Plugin code in the section you want the content, and the plugin will do the rest for you.

3. How come Group Plugin can improve my site's SEO?!

SEO is mainly affected by content: about how often the content is updated, and how genuine and authentic it is. Social media groups are the best provider of such content because it is made by real people, that maintain real, real time discussions on current subject matters. Group Plugin is bringing all this updated content to your website or blog, in a click of a button.

4. How many Facebook groups can I display on my site with Group Plugin?

You can display as many Facebook groups as you like - Group Plugin is not limiting you with that

5. Do I have to be a group member to be able to use Group Plugin on it?

No! You can use Groups Plugin with any public group, even those which you are not a member of.

CSS and template structure

The group plugin output is structured in simple DIV blocks with separated classes, so you could design and set your own look and feel. Our basic stylesheet has a look and feel of a Facebook group. You can adjust it to fit with your website or blog.

Click here for detailed structure of the Group Plugin output

Click here for detailed structure of the Group Plugin template


Basic features are 100% free, advanced business options require a license:

  • Basic Group Plugin
  • FREE

    Display Group Posts On Your Site
    • Recent 20 group posts
    • Unlimited # Groups
    • One website IP
    • 100% Free - no catches
  • Group Plugin Pro
  • $39.95/month

    Professional Webmasters
    • Unlimited Recent Group Posts
    • Unlimited # Groups
    • Unlimited # of IPs
    • Groups scraper
    • Full API variables control


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